Livicom Smart Home

Home security and comfort system
that meets your needs

Easily automate and control
your home with your smartphone!

Логотип Livicom
Livicom will make your life comfortable, optimize resources consumption and save your money

Lighting and electrical
appliances control

Create device interaction scenarios, and easily control ventilation, air conditioning, and heating systems

Heating and climate

Livicom will immediately notify an owner of the appearance of unexpected visitors

Security alarm
and property protection

маленький щит
Quickly handle any emergency in the house and prevent devastating consequences

Fire and flood

Receive instant notifications on your smartphone and keep track of events that occur at your home

Be Well Informed

Mobile app Livicom demonstration

Easily control your home with your smartphone

Automate routines in your home: switch on the heat or lights remotely and configure their operation according to a schedule or event

Use Scenarios

Find out immediately about any intrusion attempt and protect the people and things that matter most

Control Your Security

Connect your family, friends, or neighbors to your home. They will receive an alert and come to help in a difficult situation

Connect Your Loved Ones

Display selected scenarios and information widgets on your home screen. Use a single button to send a command to your home.

Configure for Yourself

You can open video from surveillance cameras at any time or view a recording made when an alert occurred

Trust, But Verify

The free Livicom app is available for Android and iOS

From Russia with Love

Technologies that make a home smart

And also provide security, fault protection, and comfort
Livicom Smart Home is developed and created in Russia by one of the largest manufacturers of monitoring systems

No wires and no drilling

Plug in Livi Smart Hub, easily configure and place your sensors, and start protecting your home

Batteries last for 10 years

The system does not require any maintenance costs, and you won't need to change your batteries often

Security is our priority!

Reliable encryption methods and a crypto chip ensure the system's protection against intrusion and organized bot attacks usage

Unparalleled range

Livi Smart Hub can be located up to 1 km from radio devices. Such range can cover even a large private residence with surrounding buildings

Twice Secured

Livi Smart Hub uses three communication channels: Wi-Fi, Ethernet and GSM. Cellular and battery backup ensures that the system will work no matter what
Livicom is a flexible, expandable, and complete DIY smart home solution. Your home can be tailored to fit your needs and will do things you never thought possible

Choose and buy your security sensors and automation units

Smart Home can be simple

Use the power of professional-grade quality home security in an affordable, DIY package.
Never worry about service appointments, long-term contracts or hidden fees.
Send a shared access invitation to your loved ones, create scripts, remotely control your home, and receive information about its status on your smartphone

Connect and customize

Download Livicom app that wil let you receive notifications and control your Smart Home from anywhere. Activate and install wireless devices

Set up your Smart Home system in just a few minutes