Livicom Smart Home

Livicom Mobile App

The Livicom mobile app lets you remotely control Smart Home devices, provide access to those you trust, and automate the operation of household equipment using scenarios and schedules.

The Livicom mobile app was awarded «Best Application for Telecom/IT/Internet Company» at the prestigious Tagline Awards, and it was also awarded «Gold Application» in the «Productivity, Services, Education» category.
Виды сценариев умного дома в мобильном приложении в виде гифки

Automation scenarios

Teach Livicom how to perform routine activities, create comfort scenarios, and simplify your everyday life
Smart Home Livicom adapts to your way of life. It fits into your daily routine, knows your habits and daily rituals, and performs some homecare activities itself.

Livicom scenarios are rules you establish for your Smart Home. You tell it if there will be a specific event or a particular action must be performed. Livicom strictly obeys these rules, and you will be master of your home!

Livicom supports three types of scenarios:

1. Click driven. The scenario begins when you press the button on your key fob or in the mobile app. Group devices and create a common scenario for them.

2. Event driven. The scenario specifies a sequence of actions to be performed automatically when a specific event occurs.

3. Schedule driven. The scenario lets you specify actions to be performed according to a schedule on an assigned day and time. Simulate your presence at a country home, configure daily watering of plants, and turn off lights and electrical appliances in the afternoon.
Video surveillance

Combine smart home and video surveillance in one app.

The Livicom system supports fast connection of cameras and DVRs via the RTSP protocol, as well as integration with the Ivideon cloud service.

RTSP cameras
Watch online videos from IP cameras and DVRs if you want to find out the cause of the alarm, assess the reality of the danger, look after children and elderly relatives, monitor the work of household staff.


Links to the video stream are stored in encrypted form on the server. Only users of the Livicom system have access to view the broadcast from the cameras.
Ivideon Cloud Video Surveillance Service
Ivideon allows you to connect video cameras and DVRs with built-in Ivideon software, as well as any other IP cameras, web cameras and digital video recorders. The connection takes less than a minute and does not require additional settings.

Recording videos on alarm events

Take advantage of the Ivideon cloud service: specify the sensor that will trigger the camera to start recording video. The video record will include events 5 seconds before and 5 seconds after the alarm. This will be enough to determine whether the alarm was false.
Ivideon service in the Livicom app
Live video broadcast
Watch online broadcasts from connected RTSP cameras and Ivideon devices on the «Cameras» tab in the Livicom app.
Customized notifications
Be well Informed! Receive instant notifications on your smartphone and keep track of events that occur at your home. Select a message type that is convenient for you: push-notification, SMS, e-mail, or voice call.
All user sites in one app
The mobile app allows you to manage multiple user property sites simultaneously. These can be, for example, a country home, summer cottage, parent's house, villa in Spain, etc. The number of sites is unlimited.
Event log with data storage
For each site, detailed event logs are recorded with a storage period of 30 days. The event log can be viewed in the mobile app at any time by selecting the desired site. The log shows alarm events, security alarm system enabling/disabling, script runs, enclosure opening, etc.
User access rights
Connect your family, friends, or neighbors to your home. They will receive an alert and come to your aid in a difficult situation. You can easily add new users by selecting them from your smartphone's contact list or just typing their telephone numbers and sending them an invitation to manage your smart home. The homeowner can grant each user different rights, such as protection mode control, script launch, and specific appliance control. Notifications can be configured for each user, including alarms, service events, script runs, protection modes, and device status.
Device adding and configuration
Extend your system capabilities when your demands increase. The app allows you to connect new sensors to your Smart Home in seconds. Be inspired by ideas and routine decisions, set new tasks, and turn your home into a truly smart home! The Livicom app provides detailed step-by-step instructions for installing and configuring each sensor.
Grouping devices
To manage a large number of connected sensors, you can group them by any attribute. This can be the installation area (Sockets in the living room), device type (Leak protection modules), etc. You can control a group of devices using automation scripts or the mobile app's home page. For example, smart sockets can be automatically disabled when the security alarm system is activated.
Sensor status control
Sensors will send notifications indicating that the enclosure was opened or it needs maintenance. Communication level, battery and enclosure status are indicated in each sensor card.

Customized interface
Each user can set any automation scripts as Favorites and customize the information widgets on the home page as they like. All changes are stored locally on the user's smartphone. The widgets show data from humidity and temperature sensors, smart sockets, resource sensors and leak protection modules. Set them up to monitor water consumption, assess the power consumption of appliances, and monitor the temperature in all premises.