Livicom Smart Home

Technologies that make a home smart

And also provide security, fault protection, and comfort
Livicom home security and comfort system lets you turn an ordinary home into a Smart Home. Livicom takes on some of the routine tasks and simplifies everyday life, helps to use resources efficiently, save money, and protects the premises from fires and unwanted guests
The system includes a Smart Home center, compatible equipment (radio sensors, control units, video cameras), and a mobile application. As the Smart Home center, Livi Smart Hub receives information from sensors, transmits commands to control units, monitors the execution of user scenarios, and provides connects to the cloud server and the home owner.


Reliable Cloud Server

Livicom Smart Home is developed and created in Russia by the largest manufacturer of monitoring systems. All user data is encrypted and stored in one of Russia's largest independent data centers, in which the top 3 Russian banks store their data. Third-party access to the server is impossible, and power supplies and communication channels are repeatedly redundant.

Free Mobile Application

The Livicom mobile app lets you remotely control Smart Home devices, provide access to those you trust, and automate the operation of household equipment using scenarios and schedules. Mobile app uses network traffic and electronic security key (token) encryption to secure your data.
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Best Components

Livicom radio devices technical solution is based on high-end transceiver. Sophisticated architecture ensures extremely low energy consumption.

Modest and Weatherproof

Livi radio sensors are weatherproof. Sensors will operate both in unheated environments and in hot/humid ones at peak summer temperatures. Livi radio devices can operate from –20 to +55 °С and automatically adjust to the ambient temperature.

Two-Way Communication

Two-way communication with sensors ensures quick identification of any malfunctions during system operation. An owner immediately finds out about the source and reason for the malfunction.

Unlimited Automation

You can connect up to 256 Livi radio devices to Livi Smart Hub. This is more than enough to control all your home's utility systems!

Livi wireless sensors and control units

Cost-effective DIY wireless smart home system can be installed with ease by the user. There's no need to drill holes or run wires around your home, you don't need to pay an installation team for setup.

Protection Against Intruders and Hackers

Security is our priority! Reliable encryption methods and a crypto chip ensure the system's protection against intrusion and device usage in organized bot attacks.

Long-Lasting Battery

The system is stand-alone, self-sufficient, and does not require any maintenance costs. Devices will operate for 10 years on the included batteries.

Frequency Selectivity

Livi devices operate in the frequency range of 868.7 MHz – 869.2 MHz. Automatic switching of frequencies during communication between sensors and a hub saves power and ensures delivery of notifications even when signal suppression is attempted.

Excellent Range

Livi Smart Hub can be located up to 1 km from radio devices. Such range allows the system to work securely even in a large private residences with surrounding buildings.

Exceptional Speed

All alerts are transmitted immediately! Livi radio devices communicate with a hub within a record 10 milliseconds. This is 5 times faster than the human eye blinks.

Delivery assurance

Livi Smart Hub can be connected to the Livicom platform via three communication channels: Wi-Fi, Ethernet and GSM. Channel duplication is used to ensure transmission of alarms, information about device malfunctions and communication failures to the users.
Each device consumes only as much power as it needs in order to transmit the signal. The closer the device is to the hub, the less power it consumes, thus automatically reducing transmitter power and extending battery life.

Adaptive Power