Livicom Smart Home
Stels research and development company has been creating devices and software for professional security and fire monitoring since 2001.

Stels is located in the Tomsk technology development special economic zone. All products are created with our own resources: development, full manufacturing cycle, repair and technical support, and author's support. Our automated manufacturing plant and quality control system provide a «close to zero» rejection level. More than 1 million objects are protected by our equipment, including ATMs and branches of the largest banks.

We create invulnerable, user-friendly, and responsive systems that protect the lives and property of our customers. Our equipment operates without failure in critical situations. Our systems provide guaranteed and instant alerts if electricity and the Internet are lost and if hacking is attempted.

We are dedicated to creating devices and services that make our everyday life comfortable and secure. Based on our extensive experience, we created Livicom, a smart home system that will become your reliable home management assistant.

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Russia, Tomsk, ulitsa Sozidaniya, 1
Phone: +7 3822 488 501