Livicom Smart Home

Camera registration

Register all your cameras in the Ivideon account
Cameras can be hooked up to Ivideon from any device, including everything from computers to smartphones. Download the Ivideon mobile app for iOS or Android or sign up on the Ivideon website. Register your account for Home or Business, depending on your tasks at hand.
Then choose the camera registration method based on the camera type: Ivideon cloud-based camera, web camera of any manufacturer, regular IP-camera or DVR.
Ivideon cloud-based camera
These cameras are ready to work with Ivideon straight out of the box, so setup takes all of five minutes. Follow the instructions of the Ivideon website.
Web camera, IP-camera or DVR of any manufacturer
Do you already have cameras set up? In that case, all you'll need is a computer and Ivideon Server to start enjoying all the advantages the service offers. You can read about the Ivideon server and download the installation files on the Ivideon website.
Integrate your Livicom and Ivideon accounts to view your cameras in the Livicom app.