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Deleting cameras

To delete the camera, sign in to your Ivideon account using the Ivideon website or the Ivideon mobile app.
The video from this camera will be recorded automatically, when the selected sensor switches to the "Alarm" mode. The duration of the video will be from 4 to 10 seconds (the duration depends on the quality of the camera's connection channel with the Ivideon service).
Find the camera to be deleted, open the camera menu and select "Remove".
Инфографика «Отличия хабов»
If you delete the camera from your Ivideon account, the rights to which were granted to you by another Ivideon user, the camera will remain in its owner's personal account.
If you connected the camera using the Ivideon Server and want to remove the server completely, then follow the steps described on the official website of the Ivideon service.