Livicom Smart Home

Security statuses

Security alarm system allows you to secure the site in 3 modes: full guard, night guard and group guard
1. The Livicom system monitors all security sensors at the site when the full guard is enabled. If you have moved the devices to groups, then when the full guard is enabled, the Livicom system monitors only the security sensors in the main group and in those groups for which the group guard enables together with the full guard.
In the Livicom system, security sensors are:
    2. In the night guard mode, the system controls only those security sensors, in the settings of which the «Night guard» setting is enabled. For example, you can secure only doors and windows on the first floor and enjoy your time at home.
    The screen of the Livi device
    3. You can separately enable the guard of some sensor groups, If you have moved the devices to groups.
    All security modes are enabled and disabled independently of each other. For example, if you have enabled the night guard and the guard of one group, and then you disable the group guard. Some sensors in the group may continue to perform their guarding functions if the «Night guard» setting is enabled for them.
    Livi FS and Livi FS-2 smoke sensors, Livi LS water leak sensors, Livi Water Control units and Livi US universal sensors with connected fire or emergency sensors are in round-the-clock security mode. They send alarm alerts, regardless of whether the site's guard is enabled or not.