Livicom Smart Home

«Devices» screen

Devices in the Livicom system mean a set of Livi radio devices that are bound to the site's hub.
The «Devices» screen opens when you tap on the «Devices» button in the navigation bar of the Livicom app.

If you have moved the devices to different groups, then the list first displays all devices in the main group, and then all other groups and the devices in them.
In the device list, the plate of each device displays:
  1. Device name.
  2. The current state of the device is displayed:
    • in green if the device is OK (the state description depends on the device type);
    • in red if the device is in the alarm mode.
  3. Notifications about active events, if they are detected by the device (the non-alarm event description is displayed in yellow).
  4. Device icon for its quick visual identification:
    • an exclamation mark will be added to the icon, if active non-alarm events are detected by the device;
    • the icon turns red if the device is in the alarm mode.
    List of devices Livicom
    Tap on the device plate to open the device settings screen. The content of the device settings screen depends on the type of device (see device types below).

    All users of the site can view device settings screens for all devices. But device control is permitted only to those users who have been granted the appropriate access right by the site's owner or admins.
    Only the site's owner and admins can change the settings for devices. The site's owner and admins also have the right to bind new devices to the site's hub and to delete the devices from the site.
    Livi radio devices can be divided into two groups:
    • Wireless sensors
      Sensitive sensors are designed to help protecting your home from fire, water leaks and intruders.
    • Endpoint devices
      Devices are designed to make your home more comfortable by automatically control you home appliance and engineering systems.

    Wireless sensors

    Livi CS opening sensor
    Livi CSM opening sensor
    Livi MS motion sensor
    Livi MSW curtain type motion sensor
    Livi FS smoke sensor
    Livi FS-2 smoke sensor
    Livi LS water leak sensor
    Livi RC resource consumption sensor
    Livi VS impact sensor
    Livi GS glass break sensor
    Livi HTS humidity and temperature sensor
    Livi TS temperature sensor
    Livi TD-01 wired temperature sensor
    Livi US universal sensor

    Endpoint devices

    Livi RFID
    security control panel
    Livi Key Fob
    remote control
    Livi Siren
    Livi Water Control unit
    Livi Relay power relay
    Livi Relay 12/24 «dry contact" relay
    Livi Light Control unit
    Livi Roller Shutter unit
    Livi Socket smart socket
    Livi RTRM repeater