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Delete users

The site's owner can deny access to the site by deleting invited users.
Only the site's owner can delete users.
Follow these steps to delete users:

  • In the Livicom app, open the "Home" screen of the Site.

  • In the upper right corner of the screen tap on the "gear".
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  • Find the user, which you want to delete, in the list ("Family" section) and tap on the plate with the name of user.
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  • Tap on three dots ("Menu" button) in the upper right corner of the user profile screen.

  • Select "Delete" in the menu.

Access to your site for this user will be denied. The user profile will be removed from the site's user list, and your site will be removed from the user's site list.
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The owner's profile cannot be deleted. If you want to change the owner of the site, then delete the site. The new owner will need to register the hub in his/her account. When the owner deletes the site, the information about users and site's settings is deleted permanently from the hub while the list of bound devices and the list of scripts are saved in the hub. The new owner will see them in the app as soon as the hub will be registered.